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Dallas International Film Festival

Texas, USA

“Every year, we try to find new ways to give our audience a better experience.”

The Dallas International Film Festival (DallasIFF) brings thousands of people together every year to see films from around the world in a Texas sized 8-day event.

Festival Executive Director Johnathan Brownlee says, “we always have great programming and great events, but this year we really wanted to lead and be an innovator.”

Enter Veezi and Atom Tickets. Veezi ran the behind the scenes; programming, ticket types, all the details behind the curtains to make exhibition-style ticketing flow seamlessly. While Atom’s innovative ticketing platform ran the customer-facing side of it.

“Part of the challenge with film festivals,” Johnathan explains, “is the pass/badge structure. There’s different levels of passes, and each gives you different benefits.” Veezi’s Loyalty system took on this challenge—and with the one-two punch of Veezi and Atom, they were quickly delivering tickets right to festival goers’ phones, all passes and benefits accounted for without a fuss.

“Knowing you’ve got reserved seats at the films you want to see makes such a difference in your festival experience. Your experience—and whatever you paid for your pass—is much more valuable. You spend more time having fun, and less standing in lines worrying about seats.”

It wasn’t just the guests at the festival that benefited. DallasIFF’s volunteers and staff did too; they could easily scan passes directly from everyone’s phones. No more counting passes and tearing tickets!

The Veezi and Atom partnership made DallasIFF’s sponsors all the happier too. As Johnathan explains, “we really wanted to understand, in real time, who’s sitting in each seat, and how many available seats we have left. With Veezi, we were able to pull reports like these and access data we’ve never had before! Being able to share that data with those who write the checks to build these events, we could show them just how much value they were getting!”

The 2019 DallasIFF was so successful that Dallas Film is bringing Veezi and Atom in for their North Texas Film Festival in September.

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