POS Setup

Veezi POS setup is divided into two seperate sections. First, you need to complete in back office, the various tasks relating to POS. Once done, you will then be ready to setup Veezi on the POS Terminal(s). If you don't do the first tasks, you'll have a POS with no information! 

POS Pre-requisites

For any items to be displayed at POS, you need to first set up your various films, programming and concessions as per the 'getting started' process when you first load Veezi on your back office computer. Only then, will you be ready to go and install POS. The specific tasks to achieve this are, as follows. Films, Ticket Prices, Shows, Food, Users. 

Films: Before you can sell tickets you need films to sell tickets to! Initially, just copy films from the Veezi Master List. It will provide all the basic information you will need to get started. You can add your own unique films/events as required later on. 

Ticket Prices: Once you've imported the various ticket types you are going to use, you'll then need to add prices to them as well. 

Shows: To sell tickets, you need a show to sell them to. Here you will add show times to the films you're intending to exhibit in your cinema. 

Food: If you are selling concessions (e.g. food/drinks etc), you will need to add those items and associated prices there. For an item to be displayed at POS you need to give it a button on your concession profile. On this page (found via 'Concession Profiles' in the Settings menu) you can add buttons to one of the concession profiles that we've already created for you. To add a button you just click on one of the squares in the layout, and select an item from the drop down. You can edit more than one button before saving.

Users: Each POS user will need their own user number and PIN to login to POS. 

Once you have completed the above steps, you will then be ready to start the process of installing Veezi POS. Concessions are organised into pages and the screens are laid out using bold colours and - if you wish - product logos or images. You can configure POS individually for each operator or the same way for your entire cinema. 

Concession options and upgrades can be set and then presented complete with screen prompts when the product button is clicked. Again, this is configurable for each individual POS operator.

If your operators need it there is a cash order handling screen with all local currency denominations pictured. This screen allows operators to calculate change, split checks and accept vouchers.

Go and install POS

You're ready to download and install Veezi POS!

This next section shows you how to set up Veezi POS on your POS terminal. 

  1. Are you at your POS terminal?



    • Great, continue with step 2!
  2. Click the download link (not included here) at the bottom of this page. Your browser will ask you to Run or Save the setup programme.
  3. Choose to Run the setup programme. Now your browser will warn you about running programmes downloaded from the internet.
  4. Confirm that you want to run the setup programme.
    • In Internet Explorer, choose Save, then Run.
    • In Firefox, double click the setup.exe file in the downloads window and confirm to run the file.
    • In Chrome, the downloaded file will show in the bottom left corner of your browser. Double click it and confirm you wish to run the file.
    You'll now see the Veezi Launcher window.
  5. Enter your user name and password into the Veezi Launcher, and click Next>
  6. Follow the instructions on each of the Veezi Launcher's pages, and click Next> after each one.
  7. On Veezi Launcher's last page, click Close. You now have a new folder called VEEZI on your POS terminal's desktop.
  8. Open the VEEZI folder. It contains three programmes:
    • Veezi Launcher: Manages Veezi application updates and versions.
    • Veezi POS Configuration Wizard: Configures Veezi POS by stepping you through the install and testing process.
    • Veezi POS: Starts Veezi POS.
  9. Double-click Veezi POS Configuration Wizard to configure this terminal. You'll see the Veezi POS Configuration wizard window.
  10. Follow the instructions on each of the Veezi POS Settings pages, and click Next> after each one.
  11. On the last page of Veezi POS Settings, click Close.
  12. You're done! From the desktop's VEEZI folder, double click Veezi POS to start the point-of-sale application.


Congratulations! You have now successfully loaded Veezi POS. POS operators have a lot of features at their fingertips. The tickets screen can show the films in order of exhibition time, screen showing or a list of all films. Advance bookings can be taken and later searched for by credit card number, or customer name or booking ID. Customer card payments can be integrated to the POS or handled using a stand-alone electronic payments pin pad. And much much more!