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There's no time like the present to start using our time clock system.

There are two parts to our Time & Attendance module: Time Clock, where staff can log in and record their hours; and Time Cards, where managers can adjust and approve time worked.

Time Clock

With our simple to use Time Clock, staff can digitally clock on, clock off, record breaks, and leave comments for managers.

Time Clock is web-based and requires manager permissions to access, so you can set up a dedicated device on site.

Time Cards

Our Time Cards functionality allows managers to review and adjust time worked. Time cards can be viewed by shift, week, or date range. Track any adjustments made to time worked for auditing purposes.

And if that wasn’t enough to clock your interest...

  • MovieTeam integration coming soon*
  • Track hours against revenue
  • Reporting & KPIs

* MovieTeam is Vista’s cloud-based application that takes the guesswork out of staff scheduling. Read more at

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