Veezi Loyalty is a beautiful solution that simplifies the sign-up and membership management of your most valuable customers. You can set up points-based or multi-level membership programs in minutes, offering better rewards to big spenders. We’ll even provide the number range required if you’d like to get membership cards printed.

You can save your POS operators the hassle of typing in member details by giving your customers the option to sign-up and pay online. Loyalty is easily integrated with your website via V-Tix (internet ticketing). Once a member, customers can securely update their details and access member only discounts online. The availability of discounted Loyalty tickets is set up so that only your members have access to them — both online and in the cinema. If you are running points-based Loyalty then your customers will be able to check their balance online.

Loyalty is customizable so you can run points and/or membership-based programs and configure them to fit your customer base. Don’t want to charge your customers to be a member? No problem, just set the sign-up fee to zero and job done. And you will be able to configure which items can earn points and which items are purchasable using points.

We have also built some great functionality and reports that allow you to pull out key information on your members. Avoid being moved to junk mail with smarter marketing campaigns using Veezi’s Loyalty Member Search tool. It allows you to filter members based on your specified criteria; age, gender, previously purchased concessions, or viewed movies, allowing you to tailor your marketing lists for special offers and events. Or run a report on this month’s top spenders and send them exclusive access to a premier screening.

We’re not standing still either. We’re always adding new functionality that you and your loyal customers will love!