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Keep track of stock levels with Inventory, complete with vendor management, stocktake, item/recipe-level tracking, and reporting abilities. Veezi’s Inventory gives you a complete picture of how many of each item you have, where you have them, and how well they’re selling.

Recipe-level inventory tracking ensures you never run out of anything! Simply set up recipes for your concession items and stock levels will automatically update each time you sell an item!

Inventory’s vendor management and receipt functionality allows you to keep track of the items you receive, as you receive them—keeping stock levels up to date. You can enter the Total Cost or the Cost Per Item and Inventory will use the quantity to automatically populate the corresponding value. No calculators required!

Enter stocktake information directly using your smartphone with our mobile friendly Stocktake page, or print out a Stocktake Sheet if you prefer to do it by hand. You can record different quantities against sub-locations at a site, so you know exactly how much of what is stored where (which is handy if you find things are going missing...).

We offer reports for: cost of goods (based on last cost, standard, average, or weighted cost), wastage, receipts, and stocktake. Inventory will ensure your business has a full and complete grasp on how much items are costing and generating.

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