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Great film programming is key to the success of your cinema. To streamline the scheduling process Veezi has a preloaded database of current films, and the programming interface is simple and easy to use. Best of all, you can create and edit your schedule from anywhere!

The interface is intuitive and will reduce scheduling time for your cinema. Adding and editing films in either a daily or weekly view has never been easier. Simply choose titles from the preloaded master list of films, copy existing titles, or create a new film record.

Film database

Veezi has a pre-loaded list of films to choose from—so you can say goodbye to tedious data entry! Our master list is brought to you by movieXchange’s MX Film, the studio-official film database. Each film record includes all the details you need, including: run time, rating, synopsis, and small poster graphics for your internet ticketing pages. Once imported to your Film list, these details are fully editable. You can also create your own film records if needed—handy for programming special events.

Multi / double feature

Easily set up movie marathons and double features for your special screening events. These shows can be scheduled and ticketed as a single session while recording rental for each film.

Film scheduling

Our simple and intuitive programming interface makes scheduling a breeze. Easily copy and create sessions via a drag-and-drop function. You can bulk copy schedules by day or week and can even edit show details by session, direct from the programming screen. These details include:

  • Select price cards and sales channel availability
  • Toggle between allocated and unallocated seating
  • Allocate extra time for trailers and clean up
  • Mark ‘private’ showings to limit access

As long as you have internet access, you can manage your schedule from wherever you are—great for adding an extra session if a show is selling out!

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