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Right from the beginning Veezi is easy to set up. No lengthy paperwork or fixed-term contracts here!

Simply sign up online and pay by credit card. It's a monthly subscription, so you can cancel at any time.

We have revolutionised setting up your cinema with Veezi—no giant user manuals or tech geniuses required. Our Getting Started wizard will guide you through each step of the setup process, with a gauge to track your progress. It should take just over an hour from start to finish.

See our Support and Resources page for setup help or to contact our support team.

Pre-Veezi checklist

We’ve put together a checklist of the information you need prior to starting the setup process so you’re not running around gathering information at each step in the process.

The checklist includes details for your:

  • Cinemas and screens
  • Films showing
  • Tickets and Vouchers
  • Showtimes
  • Concession items

Pre-loaded master lists

We’ve done everything we can to keep Veezi fast and easy to use. Our pre-loaded master lists have all the latest films, ticket types, and concessions you are likely to need to save you from tedious data entry. The Veezi Film List is brought to you by MX Film, the studio-official film database (movieXchange). Each film record includes all the details you need: run time, rating, synopsis, and small poster graphics for your internet ticketing pages. You’ll always have the latest film titles at your fingertips. Films, Concessions, and Ticket Types are fully editable once they have been imported.

Getting started

The Getting Started wizard will guide you through the setup and configuration process, including loading the POS application.

The wizard also helps you to install new peripherals to your POS machine and test them—such as adding a barcode scanner or cash drawer.

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