Fantastic film programming

Veezi has a unique approach to film programming; adding and editing films in either a daily or weekly view has never been easier. Simply choose titles from the pre-loaded Master List of films, copy existing titles you have set up previously or create a new film record — this functionality can also be used to create unique events for your schedule. The interface is intuitive and will reduce scheduling time for your cinema.

Master Lists

In Veezi, programming starts with the right films and all their associated information. Nearly every film you will show at your cinema will be available in the Veezi Master list, which we keep up to date. Each film record has the necessary details filled out, including a synopsis and small poster graphic for your internet ticketing page. Once imported to your Film List these details are fully editable.

Simplified Design

Colours, shading, and a simple layout make the film programming process fast and easy. Planned films are displayed with diagonal lines to distinguish them from films that are open for ticketing, which are rendered in a solid colour.

Edit show options without leaving the programming screen:

  • Select price cards
  • Toggle between allocated and unallocated seating
  • Choose sales channel availability
  • Allocate extra time for trailers and clean up
  • Mark ‘private’ showings to limit access

As long as you have the internet you can login from anywhere. Schedule films from home or while on holiday — programming has never been easier.

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