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Digitally display your showtimes, door signs, and high resolution movie posters.

Our Digital Signage application is customizable, easy to set up, and best of all fully automated—the perfect set-and-forget signage solution. You can display:

  • Daily showtimes
  • Auditorium door signs (single & dual options)
  • Movie posters

All you have to do is install the app, connect it to your Veezi account, and select a few branding and display options. The app will update your signs automatically based on your Veezi film schedule.

Our Digital Signage application lets you customize the color scheme, upload your logo, and turn your TV screens into door signs and daily showtime displays (along with some useful but less exciting settings like screen orientation).

Digital Signage will also take care of your movie posters without you having to do a thing. The app automatically pulls high resolution, studio-official movie posters straight from MX Film for all your displayed sessions. You can also use your own images—handy for special screenings or events.

With Veezi Digital Signage, you can display any number of signs per cinema site. Contact us for set-up and hardware requirements.

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