Twilight Cinemas, Victoria, Australia

You don’t need balls of steel to run 3 shows at 9pm in 3 locations over an 850km area and all from a laptop.

While Twilight’s head office may be in Melbourne their cinemas pop up all over the show, from an inflatable screen on the banks of the Murray River to a community hall in a small country town.

“So what if I am showing in The Old Mill Theatre Group or a park in the middle of nowhere with 3000 tickets selling fast. If the internet drops off I just click OK and the sales continue. Being mobile the POS is often packed in a box, as soon as I switch it on the sales are there, even 2 weeks later. Unbelievable!” says Andrew Taylor.

Thanks to Veezi he can be showing at a vineyard or stopped at a petrol station and generate a report with unwavering faith in the integrity of his data. Nothing is lost in the cloud, it is all there instantly. Gone are the days when Andrew needed another machine on all of the time and the nagging fear of losing his PC in transit. As Andrew says “if that happened I would be stuffed!”.

An early adoptor, Andrew could see how revolutionary Veezi software would be for his business. Clients love the new enhanced Twilight Cinema service, they are now the equivalent to a multiplex on the road and planning further expansion.

Given the seasonal nature of their business there is no expensive software sitting unused, they only pay for what they use. And it is so easy "My 9 year old daughter was selling tickets within her first five minutes on Veezi” says Andrew “Veezi is gold to my business”.


Andrew Taylor

Twilight Cinemas