Tower Theaters, South Hadley, Massachusetts

“No more emails claiming our license expires in 60 days, 59 days, 58 days…”

For Bob Adam & Stacey Velez, gone are the days of ‘you don’t pay, you don’t use’.  By switching their theatre to Veezi in June this year they have left behind a legacy of always feeling squeezed for more fees and receiving zero customer service.

Their previous supplier had a habit of putting through upgrades they didn’t ask for and removing features they were using …without telling them! In the process they would change the functionality on his server without a care for his other data … and charge more... Bob was not happy and the wounds cut deep.

Now in their 25th year Tower Theatres attracts people from the city while still servicing the rural town of South Hadley. It must be their popcorn; by all accounts you won’t get better – made from corn and butter from nearby farms and supporting the strong community spirit of ‘support local, buy local’.

Tower Theatres has two screens, each seating 93 people. Showing first run movies they are now fully digital, unique in such a small town of about 18,000 people. Their customers are buying more tickets online with the comfort of PayPal security rather than the previous random set up on a web page.

They can now sell Gift Cards; setting them up was initially tricky and Veezi’s technical support team were there all the way, willing to accommodate and take suggestions, which Bob found “very pleasing”.

He no longer has to interact with support people for hours every month, and his distribution reports are automatically emailed weekly to his broker. Put simply “that has been great.” Remote monitoring is “a very cool feature.” Bob can be at home, log onto his iPad and see how many sales he has made.

Veezi has given them stability, they have less worries, theatre information is safe on the cloud and for my wife…  there is less stress on her plate”.


Bob Adam & Stacey Velez

Tower Theatres