Rose Theatre, Port Townsend, USA

Rocky decided to switch after a fellow theatre owner spoke highly of Veezi. “The mantra round here is Veezi is easy!”

Rocky decided to switch after talking to a fellow theatre owner who spoke highly of Veezi. His two theatres, while located next to each other, are organized as separate businesses. Although the Veezi team had never dealt with this situation before, they were online within two weeks. 

At the Rose Theatre, they sell their tickets through the box office and next door in the Starlight Room on an iPad. Set up on two different tabs, POS operators can switch from selling for one theatre to the other. “The mantra round here is Veezi is easy!” says Rocky.  

Rocky is the oldest person at the Rose — most of his staff are young. He claims that he is not technically savvy and says if he can learn Veezi, anyone can. “I really appreciate how quick it is!” Updates can be loaded to the website for all the world to see in a timely manner and that’s really important at the Rose Theatre. 

Until recently, people buying online still had to collect their tickets from the box office. This meant the Rose employed ticket tearers. Now Rocky stands at the front door with his list of online purchasers on his iPad. “I greet them and get to know them by name. It personalizes their experience. They now feel like they are getting something for their online surcharge as they bypass the box office and come directly in — I wasn’t anticipating that!”

The Rose Theatre attracts culture-loving fans by bringing a world-class line-up of movies, plays, ballets, and operas from around the globe. Every show is personally introduced by the host. “This personalization matches well with the front door greeting. You have to provide incentive for people to get off the couch and come to the movies by giving them more. It is harder than ever to sell movies so you have to make your own space. Veezi fits right in and that helps,” says Rocky.

“The Veezi team is proactive, organized and smart. They do everything they can to help a customer. I am just sorry I didn’t discover them sooner.”   


Rocky Friedman

Rose Theatre