New Farm Cinemas, Brisbane, Australia

The recently renovated New Farm Cinema gives customers a premium experience.

The recently renovated New Farm Cinema gives customers a premium experience; from the Christie digital projector, comfortable Camatic seating and equal sound disbursement to the superb new décor.

“And continuing our top level technology drive … front of house we have Veezi, the new independent cinema software created by Vista.  Seven days into their 30 day free trial we had it mastered! We couldn’t believe it, Veezi is that friendly, someone who is computer illiterate could understand it” says Peter.

From the moment customers enter the cinema they sense they are getting a better level of service. Peter and his team can now run their cinema efficiently so they can concentrate on building on the superior New Farm experience.

“Our customers love our new interior and the state of the art technology. And now they also get our attention. We give them a little bit of Bolliwood glamour, they come in earlier and have a drink, a bite, then watch a movie and if they want a pillow… well we can give them that too. And we haven’t forgotten the kids, they have the option of sitting in the front row bean bags.”  

New Farm now makes more sales across the business, they have an accurate inventory from gelatos to individual sweets enabling them to work out what their customers like, what is bringing in the highest return and then buy in accordingly. “We can see immediately what movies are selling well and reschedule quickly increasing screenings to meet demand” says Peter.

And because Veezi is cloud based this can happen 24/7.  Peter is now getting the best out of his investment, he has future proofed his business.


Peter Sourris

New Farm Cinemas