Lyric Cinema Cafe, Colorado, USA

"If you visit the Veezi site during business hours they’ll IM you to see if you need anything , that is pretty cool."

Michael Putlak heard about Veezi through a friend who uses Vista, and then he met our man in the US, Justin Silverman, at CinemaCon. They crunched some numbers and did the data to show the owner, Ben Mozer – he’s the dude in the pinstripes.

They tried the 30 day free trial. Michael went through the set up process with Ben, he was hooked almost straight away and true to our word they have seen more revenue from online ticket sales.

“In a competitive market we need to give our customers a reason to come back” says Michael. Colorado is a college town with a population of 150,000 and well serviced by two corporate theatres with 26 screens, a second rung of six screens and 16 more on the way (not forgetting the drive-in) their small theatre needs to stand out.

The Lyric concentrates on local films, sell out festivals and events. This means they have some very busy weekends. Veezi has been “nothing but a champ” automatically handling their different price points for matinees, evening screenings and special events. Their staff love not having to think about individual ticket prices for different times, in the past a confusing and frustratingly slow process with RTS. And their customers love internet ticketing, they no longer having to drive to town to pick up tickets.  

“With Veezi we have more time to concentrate on our funky Lyric experience with our café serving beer, wine and food. We show Indie movies and have special events like the Short Film Festival or the Marijuana Holiday”. Yes it is legal in Colorado! No-one partakes in the theatre but “we do give our customers a 10 minute intermission and tell them they can go and get something from their car if they need to” says Michael.   

“The strong Veezi reporting powers are great, we can see what concession sales are selling best and I can build a weekly show schedule in half an hour”. The ‘cloud’ means Michael can log into the back office from anywhere to make changes, build the schedule or just check in.

All this gives Ben renewed confidence as he takes over the day to day running of the Lyric in preparation for Michaels move to the land of Veezi… New Zealand”.

They score Veezi a perfect 10/10.


Ben Mozer

Lyric Cinema Cafe