Bridgeway Cinema, Auckland, NZ

One of the leading lights of independent cinema in New Zealand is the Bridgeway Cinema, run by industry legend - Kelly Rogers!

One of the leading lights of independent cinema in New Zealand is the Bridgeway Cinema, run by the inimitable Kelly Rogers - an industry legend!

Being a trailblazing pioneer is a path few tread down, but when it goes well, it brings many rewards for those who have no fear. Having been deeply involved in all aspects of Independent cinema, Kelly Rogers has literally 'been there-done that'. Frustrated with his then current system, Kelly looked very hard at the options available. After much careful analysis of all the possibilities, only one option stood out as being not only one of the best, but also, one of the most cost effective Cinema Management Software systems that would be able to run the Monterey & other associated sites, to his exact requirements.

Don't just take our word for it though, Kelly explains the rationale behind his decision...

"After years in the business, I've had to figure out some things and now have a reputation for doing things my way. Call it my 'indie' spirit. Having a good system in place is critical; finding a cost effective solution for my kind of cinema was another matter! Believe me - I've looked at the options!

Frustrated, I talked to the experts at Vista and they revealed the perfect solution. A new software product called Veezi, and it's engineered by Vista! It's got the smarts and benefits of Vista - while leaving out the stuff I don't need. And its priced right too! An easy decision, if you're into anything that's good for your business.

Even better, I got to trial it free for 30 days, so I was confident changing software. And if you are one of those who doesn't have online ticketing, now is your chance to try. Smartest decision you'll ever make.

Now you're in the know, next time you see me - it's your shout!".


Kelly Rogers

Monterey Cinema