Your fellow independents have a lot to say...

Each of you run your cinemas based on your own unique set of circumstances... and you do it your way. Here are some of your interesting stories. Enjoy!

Casestudy Veezi Twilight Crop

Twilight Cinemas, Victoria, Australia

You don’t need balls of steel to run 3 shows at 9pm in 3 locations over an 850km area and all from a laptop. More
Casestudy -Veezi -Heber -crop

Heber City Theatre, Utah, USA

Heber may be a small town but it’s famous as the birthplace of theatre surround sound. More
Casestudy Veezi Monterey Crop

Bridgeway Cinema, Auckland, NZ

One of the leading lights of independent cinema in New Zealand is the Bridgeway Cinema, run by industry legend - Kelly Rogers! More
Casestudy Veezi Rubys Crop

Rubys Cinema, Wanaka, NZ

Walking into Rubys Cinema you are transported to another time. More
Casestudy Veezi Academy Crop

Academy Cinemas, Auckland, NZ

The Academy has always been at the forefront of independent cinema in New Zealand. More
Casestudy Veezi Anzac Crop

Anzac Theatre, Dargaville, NZ

In a small country town like Dargaville, things can have a reputation for closing down... their cinema did 30 odd years ago! More
Epic Danie

Epic Cinemas, Sun City, South Africa

Epic have to bring the people to them and to make this happen they needed current content. More
New Farm - Peter

New Farm Cinemas, Brisbane, Australia

The recently renovated New Farm Cinema gives customers a premium experience. More

Peerless Theatre, Colorado, USA

Peerless is Not For Profit so Bob Brandt has to be careful with money. More
Tower Bobadam

Tower Theaters, South Hadley, Massachusetts

“No more emails claiming our license expires in 60 days, 59 days, 58 days…” More
Lyric Ben Mozer

Lyric Cinema Cafe, Colorado, USA

"If you visit the Veezi site during business hours they’ll IM you to see if you need anything , that is pretty cool." More

Windsor International Film Festival, Canada

“We needed a reliable cloud-based system that volunteers would find easy to use.” More
Heidi Robertson

Tristone Cinemas, Southern California, USA

"My GM’s and District Manager all get the same high level of service" More
Lynn Kinsella

Aurora Theatre, New York, USA

Without the online ticketing capability, the Aurora Theatre would have missed out on the spill over from fully booked shows! More
Rocky Rosetheatre

Rose Theatre, Port Townsend, USA

Rocky decided to switch after a fellow theatre owner spoke highly of Veezi. “The mantra round here is Veezi is easy!” More
Geoff Glen

Peckhamplex, London, UK

Now customers can book online and Gary can log on via the Cloud to see if a show is going to sell out or not. More