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What type of external internet connection do I need?

A decent internet connection is a vital consideration and is the life-blood of the Veezi experience. You should have broadband (DSL) type connection at a minimum. Avoid internet plans that degrade your performance if you exceed the data limit. To ensure you stay online, consider a secondary or back-up internet connection, i.e a 3G connection. We also recommend you connect your POS work-stations to your router using network cables rather than wireless connections.

Don’t have a back-up internet connection? Don’t worry, Veezi POS does have an offline mode — so you can keep ticketing if the internet does go down.

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What specification computer do I need to run Veezi Back Office?

Veezi Back Office is web-based and will work on most computers with a modern browser. We recommend the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer (Edge).

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What specification of machines do I need for POS?

Veezi can work on most existing hardware, get in touch to check compatibility. See our hardware page for terminal, card reader, cash drawer, printer and scanner recommendations. Or get in touch for details about a hardware package from our preferred suppliers.

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Is there a way I can test my internet connection to see if it is fast enough for Veezi?

Yes, make sure you are connected to the internet via the connection you wish to test and then use your browser to navigate to If you have any concerns, send us the results via email, and we will respond as soon as we can.

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Will Veezi support Virtual Desktop environments?

No, Veezi does not support running POS on VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) environments. Please contact us if you need to run POS using VDI.

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