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Previewing the year with Veezi

All our newest up-and-coming developments for 2023!

We like to dream big; whether it’s dreaming up action for the big screen, brewing big plans, or just thinking about a big bucket of buttery popcorn... We know independents like to dream big too, and that’s why we aim to give you everything you need to make those dreams reality.

We’ve got big plans for 2023 (not the world domination kind, we promise), and we’re excited to show you what’s coming, so let’s stop being tease-y, and dive into the year for Veezi:

Cinema’s Best Friend 

There are a lot of awesome things at work here at Veezi, but among the most exciting additions that our experts have been hard at work on, is a brand-new module for Loyalty: Subscriptions.

Subscriptions provides multiple reward tiers for your Loyalty customers, and by providing your loyal moviegoers with a Subscription opportunity you’re building a reliable recurring revenue stream for your cinema.

Just like us, Subscribers are crazy about movies! Your most frequent moviegoers are among the biggest promoters of cinema, coming in regularly and encouraging their friends and family to come along too.

With Subscription-based moviegoing, by keeping the cost of tickets “out of sight, out of mind” through a member’s subscription rewards, we believe there is increased likelihood for subscribers to freely spend their money on concessions, helping to increase spend-per-head with each visit.

New Member Experience

Along with the new Subscriptions module, we’re bringing a brand-new member experience with a new Subscriptions Portal to keep your audience even more engaged. This gives all your members (including non-subscribers) a one-stop spot to manage their information, view upcoming bookings, and see the rewards of their subscription tier.

With a new sign-up flow to encourage conversion, you’ll be all set!

Adoption Made Veezi

Available along with Subscriptions is an easy conversion wizard (the software kind! Unfortunately, Gandalf didn’t write us back...) to guide you through converting your existing Loyalty setup into the Subscriptions format. Don’t worry, your existing Loyalty members will stay just as they are, but be presented with the opportunity to convert over to new Subscription tiers when their current membership expires.

Self-service F&B

Following Subscriptions, we have another hot in-demand area of interest on the horizon to further increase your spend-per-head: Self-Service Food & Beverage.

With our plans for self-service F&B, we’re creating a concessions website built-into V-Tix that will not only provide your customers with the ability to purchase concessions during their checkout flow online, but to transform the experience on arrival with counter pickup for food and beverages. Order online, pick-up at the counter. Easy as that!

Stay tuned for more to come with self-service F&B!

What’s Next?

Much like the year’s film slate, while the big tentpole releases are exciting, they’re not the only thing coming out. Here’s a taste of some other releases we have planned:

Mailchimp Integration

Our Mailchimp Integration released right at the end of 2022. This is an enhancement to our existing Mailing List created via V-Tix, which allows you to sync that list to the popular marketing tool Mailchimp. The integration syncs your mailing list from Veezi to Mailchimp’s database, so customers who subscribe or unsubscribe will automatically update in Mailchimp.

V-Tix Promo Codes

Soon you will be able to set up redeemable promotion codes in V-Tix, offering discounts on tickets or packages to help drive online ordering. With the ability to send these promotional codes via marketing campaigns with existing mailing list subscribers, you’ll be able to create even more effective email campaigns, and use promotions to enhance your social media campaigns.

V-Tix Refunding orders at POS

Processing refunds in a busy box office can be a mission, but we're making the process for refunding V-Tix orders easier, enabling you to process the refund entirely from POS.

For those who use Windcave for both V-Tix and POS, you’ll be able to refund transactions for both Veezi and your customers’ cards all in one place!

Zendesk Support

We pride ourselves on providing the best support we can, and giving you the best ways to find the support you need; whether by emailing our team, raising a ticket in Veezi’s software, or calling at 3am — we’re always there to help.

In 2023, we’re also launching a new Veezi Help Centre integrated with Zendesk. There, you’ll be able to use live chat for support, create tickets, read help documentation, and find FAQs and recent release notes whenever you need them.

Film Programming

Film Programming is becoming more efficient. With an already improved color palette and UI, we’ll be making your ability to view programming even clearer, as well as adding new features such as the (much-requested) addition of drag-and-drop programming! 

Film Programming has a number of improvements on the way that will make cross-site programming more efficient. 

Keeping Up With Veezicize

We previewed all this and more for 2023 in our global edition of Veezicize—our webinar series where we bring you the latest and greatest hits from the Veezi team, answer questions you may have, and as always, have fun doing it!

If you’re interested in hearing more about what Veezi is up to in 2023 and want to know when the next Veezicize instalment is coming, keep an eye on our Veezicize page! We look forward to seeing you at our next Veezicize session!

2775 Veezi Pivot Cinemas Customer Story Rotator 314X314

“I have literally sat on the beach and logged in using my tablet. I love that everything happens in real time and you don’t have to wait to the end of the day for reports, it’s all there. 

~ Mark & Jess Walker
The Pivotonian Cinema

“The earthquake took out 22 screens across Christchurch, and we put one back in. We were oversubscribed. We had the whole market to ourselves for a year. 

~ Jeremy Stewart
Alice, Deluxe & Town Hall Cinemas
2500 Temora Town Hall – Australia Customer Story Customer Story 150DPI 300719

People come from other towns to find out how we do it”

~ Beth Firman
Town Hall Theatre
Epic Cinemas

“I want my customers to experience the magic of the cinema, one that matches the magic of the movie—just like it used to be.”

~ Danie van der Merwe
Epic Cinemas
Casestudy Veezi Monterey

After years in the business, I've had to figure out some things and now have a reputation for doing things my way. Call it my 'indie' spirit.”

~ Kelly Rogers
Monterey Cinema

“The traffic was heavy. It added to the excitement at the box office, but the kiosks have made it more efficient for our patrons...

~ Jen Holson
Windsor International Film Festival
Johnathan Brownlee DIFF

“Every year, we try to find new ways to give our audience a better experience.”

~ Johnathan Brownlee
Dallas International Film Festival

“Hands down, Veezi is what I need. It is reliable, and I can plan and act whether I am in the office or not.”

~ Geoff Glen
1963 Veezi Anzac Theatre Customer Story 150DPI

It's simple and intuitive to use and is run by a great bunch of people! Our town put in the time, and Veezi runs our theatre and keeps our finances tight … just the ticket!”

~ Vernon Woods
ANZAC Theatre

“Veezi is flexible and able to cope with everything we throw at it.”

~ Norman & Beth Hunter
Avoca Beach Picture Theatre
2815 Veezi Silvermoon Rotator

"At full capacity we have over 400 cars, that’s 900 to 1000 people at any one time. The curse of drive-ins are the grid locks, but with Veezi we now have a dedicated person moving along the queues of cars selling tickets via a tablet, in advance of reaching the box office."

~ Chip Sawyer
Silver Moon Drive-In
2713 Yoakum Cinema Texas Customer Story

"Before the theater, everybody went out of town for activities. There was nothing to do in Yoakum..."

~ Tammy Steinmann
Yoakum Grand Theater

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