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About Veezi

It all started when a bunch of Vista software engineers had an idea. "What if we came up with a system for independent cinemas? You know, those passionate movie people who live and breathe all things film! Give them the benefits they need, and leave out the stuff they don't—but engineer it so that it works just for them. And let's make it affordable, so they only pay for what they use! Imagine being able to operate in the Cloud. They can be anywhere, even on the other side of their world, and access their information 24/7. No need to always be in the cinema. That would give them the freedom that independents love!"

23 years in the making...

Veezi is engineered by Vista, the number one cinema software company in the world. Running more cinemas, in more countries than anyone else, you couldn't have better credentials to develop Veezi. A bunch of movie zealots working across 100+ countries, they understand the movie experience and constantly strive to enhance it for all.

Over the years, Vista has had a lot of enquiries from independents like you about a cinema management solution tailored especially to meet your unique needs—a solution that delivers benefits absolutely applicable to your business success.

Veezi has answered the call.

Veezi is global...

Vista/Veezi HQ is in Auckland, New Zealand. We also have established offices in Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Beijing, Shanghai and Mexico City. And our business partners in India, Ukraine and Sweden can respond quickly to your local operational requirements.

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