Welcome to the Veezi Toolkit, the place where all the technical info resides. Not a tech guru? No problem - this area is written to demystify the language that the tech guys are fond of. Even those of you more at ease with technology will appreciate our approach here.

In this section, we've broken down all the various information we need to share with you into three broad categories.

A) What you need to Setup:

This section covers what's needed - before you install Veezi for the very first time. It also details technical requirements for both the hardware needed - and the all important Internet connection that will ensure maximum reliability for Veezi.

B) How to Guides:

These guides concentrate on the general outline of specific functions within Veezi - and how to set them up initially. In basic terms of course!

We have also put together a document called "The Veezi-er Way" which is designed to help you with the initial setup of Veezi.

Click on the link below

The Veezi-er Way


C) Technical Documents:

Here we dive fully into the complete technical supporting documents in the shape of guides, manuals and even videos that detail explicitly processes, functionality, and guidelines to help you understand Veezi better. Like Veezi itself, this area will be updated quite frequently.