Fully featured POS

Veezi POS operators have a lot of features at their fingertips - covering Films, Ticket Prices, Shows, Food all with multiple user access. It offers a huge amount of functionality while remaining simple and quick to use. Ticket and concession sales can be handled very quickly. In fact with the fast cash button enabled, customer orders can be handled with just two clicks.

POS is offline capable. So if your internet goes down you can keep selling and later when your internet connection resumes Veezi automatically updates all offline sales.

Your operators can learn how to use all the functionality of Veezi POS through our online training. It is simple to use, and quick to learn.


Whether you prefer touchscreen or a mouse and keyboard, Veezi's sales window has as few steps as possible to sell tickets and concessions from the one screen - fast. As soon as an order has successfully completed the screen turns red to let the operator know.

The tickets screen can show the films in order of exhibition time, screen showing or a list of all films. Advance bookings can be taken and later searched for by credit card number, or customer name or booking ID. Customer card payments can be integrated to the POS or handled using a stand-alone electronic payments pin pad.

Customers can offer multiple tender types for a transaction so they are able to split their bill or pay using both cash and credit card if they want to. There is a cash order handling screen with all local currency denominations pictured if your operators need it. This screen allows them to calculate change, split checks and accept vouchers.


You can configure Veezi POS individually for each operator or the same way for your entire cinema. You can even include product logos or images if you wish. Veezi will work with touchscreen or mouse and keyboard.

Depending on your country or preference you can configure the hardware how you want. You may want to include a separate pin pad terminal for transactions. Veezi can work with what you need and can be changed at anytime. Payments can be simple and stand alone or can be integrated with to work with the software.

Getting started

Installing POS is a very simple process and let's you install an unlimited number of POS terminals. The 'Getting Started Wizard' guides you through the set-up process walking you through the process of cinema and screen information, and loading the POS component.

The wizard also helps you to install new peripherals to your POS machine and test them - adding a barcode scanner or cash drawer for example.

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