Fantastic film programming

Veezi has a unique approach to film programming which allows for a graphical view of your film schedule. Adding and editing films in either a daily or weekly view has never been easier. Simply choose from the Veezi maintained preloaded list of movies, copy existing movies you have setup or setup a new film from scratch. The interface is intuitive and will cut your scheduling time across one or many cinemas. Watch the video below to see how easy programming through Veezi is.

Master Lists

In Veezi, programming starts with the right films and all their associated information. Nearly every film you will show at your cinema will be available in the Veezi Master list, which is kept up to date by us.

Simplified Design

Colours, textures and a clear layout are used to make the programming process as simple as possible. For example a planned film has a diagonal line texture to distinguish it from a film that is open for sale or, if you have inadvertently created a conflict in your schedule the software will alert you with a red flag.

It's easy to select or de-select options, you can go into an existing movie and edit any settings to suit requests from your customers. For instance simply toggle between allocated and non-allocated seating.

As long as you have the internet you can log-in from anywhere. Set up your cinemas scheduling from home or while on holiday. With Veezi, programming has never been easier.

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