Cinema management - dashboard and reporting

Veezi has two key cinema management tools: a Dashboard for viewing real-time snapshots of your cinemas performance and a comprehensive suite of reports.

Performance Dashboard

Sometimes important decisions need to be made quickly using the data available, such as switching out scheduled films. We understand this fundamental of cinema management and have created a single page snapshot of your performance data. Like the dashboard of a car, it presents real-time views so you can monitor overall performance, daily statistics and top selling concessions.

Users can tailor their Dashboard to suit their needs by customizing, adding, and removing the Dashboard gadgets. Having box office statistics on hand makes film scheduling easy, open the Dashboard in one window and Programming in another to make scheduling decisions a breeze. The Dashboard is kept up-to-date as we continue to add new features.


Reports are vital for cinema operations and offer an in-depth look at specific aspects of your business. And because Veezi is engineered by Vista, you can be sure our reports are top of the line. They will give you the full picture, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse and really know what's happening in your business.

Veezi offers a wide range of reports and new ones are added as new requirements are identified. Each report allows you access and drill down data, and can be used in a number of ways. For example, the Cashier Session Reconciliation report can also be used at the end of each cashier’s shift to reconcile their float. Our Marketing Report gives you a big picture view of your overall sales performance and the Risk Dashboard can help you identify where further staff training may be required.

You can also set up Scheduled Reports to deliver automatically generated reports right to your inbox! Automate sending of selected reports to relevant people. Veezi can take care of these tasks autonomously at set intervals based on your specified date ranges, leaving you with more time to focus on operations!

Distributor Reports

Reporting to distributors is usually a (fairly tedious) daily task. We've worked closely with distributors to ensure the information they want is available and can be produced quickly and easily. You can generate Distributor Reports for any date range, film, or cinema (if you have more than one) and view schedules by day, film, show times, ticket types, and distributor.

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