Underground Cinema, Don Laoghaire, Ireland

“We take over the large ferry car park in the winter months, it's an ideal place for our drive-in."

“We take over the large ferry car park in the winter months, when the service between Hollyhead in the UK and our seaside town of Dun Laoghaire is not operating.  It's an ideal place for our drive-in. We limit it to a maximum of 120 cars a screening, with two screenings that’s 600 people” says Dave.

Yes it is winter and they can be exposed to harbour gusts but the Irish are hardy people, they wrap up. Being only one of two drive-ins in the whole of Ireland, people love the atmosphere, it's more than a movie, it's a social event. The Underground is open every second weekend showing cult classics, the 80's being very popular. Parents bring their kids to see the movies they loved when they were young - like Raiders of the Lost Ark. They get out of their cars, have a chat, get a pizza, a hotdog, all the while able to see and hear the movie.

The customer age profile is 17 to 80.  99.9% purchase their tickets online and are surprised that the process is so easy - even if they are not computer savvy. “The beauty here is we know exactly how many people are coming giving us complete control. We can set a limit on sales so we don't overbook and avoid nasty traffic jams. Our people are safe without cash at the gate and we can plan staffing levels and refreshments to keep check on costs. This gives us the freedom to make sure everyone is having a good time”.

That good time is catching, they see the same faces coming back so will use Veezi Loyalty for repeat customers. And because the season is limited there is no payment for the months they are closed.

“The Veezi support team are another huge reason we went with them. They are a young company; listening, taking on board suggestions and very quick on communication. It couldn't be better really, Veezi ticked all the boxes".


Dave Byrne

Underground Cinema