The Frida Cinema, California, USA

"Like us, they are always working to improve functionality for their customers and their customers' customers."

You know the sort, the massively robust, expensive services that offer everything. Instead Frida Cinema found all they needed for their Not For Profit, at an affordable rate with Veezi.

Owner Logan Crowe has loved independent cinema all of his life. Brought up on Il Crostino, Life is Beautiful and Cinema Paradiso, he believes in the importance of Art House Cinema and making these movies more accessible.

Logan digs deep into the independent world of small micro distribution movies, even a regular Art House client may not have heard of some of the movies they show. “Our audience comes from the art institutions and film colleges nearby. Like me they love the art form, it is wonderful seeing the classics on a big screen,” he says.

As a NFP the business is reliant on sponsorship. Events need to include sponsor information, special guests and director partnerships to keep everyone happy. “At first Veezi couldn’t accommodate the level of information we required in the online descriptions, but within two weeks they made more characters available to us. They are listening and that is really important”. 

“They don’t rest on their laurels. Like us, they are growing on a weekly basis and always working to improve functionality for their customers and their customers’ customers. I have personally made suggestions, they listen, and then I receive an email update telling me they have made that change. I like that a lot”.

Veezi is functional, the colorful, well laid out calendar has people taking notice. “Now they go online to book a film, see a notice for an appealing summer event and book for that too. With loyalty they receive a promotion via email, login and have access to discounts. It makes them feel as though they are backstage,” says Logan.

Change is stressful, trying to settle in with a new company is a huge step. Logan was very nervous at first about the change in infrastructure, but he has found it very easy. “Art House cinema is my life calling and Veezi have that same great commitment, it is like talking with friends,” says Logan. 


Logan Crow

The Frida Cinema