The Crest, Los Angeles, USA

To complement the new refit, the Crest on Westwood looked at all the options for the right software to manage their operations smoothly...

For Peter Kunelis, the fact that his cinema is always open isn't an issue - now that he has Veezi running the cinemas operations, he can spend more time on the key aspects of the business, booking both films and live acts that bring his patrons into this magnificent venue.

"Yeah, you heard it, we're not seven days - yet! But when we are, its pretty special. I've got my new digital projector up and running for showing local films and documentaries. And we host amazing live acts. You would think I'd be daunted when I'm not here, but with Veezi, I log in via the cloud where everything I need is instantly at my fingertips - no matter where I am. Yes, its that simple. Best of all, I only pay for what I use, so not only does Veezi keep my business running, but my overheads low. If the box office is closed, the back office is most definitely open - anywhere, anytime. Just the ticket!".


Peter Kunelis

The Crest